Hunting and fishing as much as I do you learn to rely on certain products. The Stay Clean Boot Puller, for us, has been one of those products. On a recent trip to Canada filming for The Birdmen we used this simple yet genius boot pulling system day in and day out, with fantastic results. When you are done with your hunt, just remove your muddy waders, remaining clean and dry, slip into your boots, put the Stay Clean Boot Puller on its mounting bracket and hang your waders and gear. The Stay Clean Boot Puller saved the whole crew valuable time and energy by having our waders and gear organized and ready to go for the next hunt. I endorse this product because it works! Get yourself one today, you will not be disappointed!

Denis Isbister, Host

The Birdmen – The Sportsman Channel

Wild Fish Wild Places – The Sportsman Channel

The Stay Clean Boot Puller is one of those creative products that quite simply alleviates some of the burden associated with dealing with your gear: it functions just as promised, making removing wading boots and hiking boots a snap. My wading boots slip off easily with the Boot Puller and more impressively, my snug-fitting, high-top, chukar-hunting boots are far easier to remove with this ingenious product than ever before. Moreover, the Stay Clean Boot Puller serves as a great platform for keeping wader feet and bare feet out of harm’s way when you put on and take off waders….I used to carry an old square of carpet to stand on for this purpose, but the Stay Clean Boot Puller now does it all for me.  John Shewey, Editor-in-Chief, Northwest Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing, Eastern Fly Fishing

I always like inventions that make life easier.  The Stay Clean Boot Puller is a perfect example of that.  Instead of tracking mud into the house, I easily slip off wet and dirty waders and hunting boots with this novel product.  Great for hunting and fishing camps.  - Gerald Almy, Outdoor Writer, New Gear Columnist, Sports Afield Magazine

Truly a clever, useful product. Lightweight but sturdy and small in size where you can pack in your vehicle to keep yourself out of the mud while changing out of your hunting boots post-hunt. Highly recommended for hunters that change in and out boots at the truck. Will keep you from clutzing around trying to keep your feet dry.   – Brent Birch, Greenhead Magazine,   http://www.greenhead.net/28274/the-stayclean-boot-puller-is-the-ticket-for-dry-feet

With over 60 years of duck hunting and fly fishing under my belt, it’s nice to see a new useful product like The Stay Clean Boot Puller. This portable boot puller and storage shelf makes my life easier while removing footwear in the field and storing it nice and neat when I get home. Now that I have one, I can’t see going into the field without it. This is a great product.  - Ed Aubert, Custom gun stock maker

I’m a snow skier and I was tired of putting on & taking off my ski boots in the wet snow and slush.  So I tried The Stay Clean Boot Puller.  It works great!  I stand on the puller in the morning and easily remove my walking boots and put on my ski boots on a clean and dry surface.  It just takes seconds.  It also makes it easy to lean down and buckle my boots because they’re elevated.  At the end of the ski day I once again stand on the puller, remove my ski boots and easily put on my walking boots – all on a dry surface!  This is a great product for adults and children.  Imagine being able to remove your children’s ski boots on a dry surface at the end of a long ski day.  I plan to use it with my grandchildren.  I highly recommend the Stay Clean Boot Puller!  – Steve,  Northern California.

Inventive, slick, easy, clean.  After a long days fishing, the last thing I want to do is bend over and struggle to get my boots and waders off.  The boot puller sure makes it easy……and clean.  For an old guy, getting my boots off…no problem.  How did I live without it?  I think every lodge should have one.  It goes with me in the back of the truck.  I will be using it in a couple of weeks up north on steelhead trips.  -  Al Smatsky, Excellent Adventures

This product is a great tool to help dry your boots.  As an organization who stresses the importance of inspect, clean and dry your gear after every fishing trip, this makes the drying part that much easier. - Bob Wiltshire, Executive Director of the Invasive Species Action Network

The Stay Clean Boot Puller is a great product! – Harry “King of Quack” Boyle

What a great invention! I’m able to keep my socks warm and dry when removing my muddy waders. Plus, when I mount it on the wall bracket, I can hang my waders, my calls and a couple of hats, too. It’s a “must have” for every duck hunter. – Paul Byer, Northern California

I think the Stay Clean Boot Puller is really neat because it can help you with many things.  For example, I used it as a platform when taking a shower while camping, or during the winter time, when I removed my snow boots.      – Lauren, age 10