Wader Drying Shelf             Snow Boot Removal           Wading Boot Removal

It’s a boot puller, it’s a platform to keep your socks clean and dry, and it’s a drying rack! All in one! Easy to use, portable, and durable; The Stay Clean Boot Puller and storage shelf is perfect for removing any type of shoe, boot or wader. Don’t like stepping in the mud, snow, sand or rocks after removing your footwear? Our boot puller eliminates that problem too! The platform has plenty of space to stand on. After your time duck hunting, fly fishing, playing in the snow, farming, or gardening, simply mount the platform on the sturdy bracket and hang up your wet waders or boots to dry. Our boot puller includes a wall mount system that allows you to easily hang your wet waders, coats, parkas, hats and all your accessories to dry; and it only takes up roughly two feet of space! Brilliant! This patented product is the cutting edge in boot puller technology. No more struggling to pull off those wet, muddy boots. No more stepping in the mud or snow after a long hard day of hunting or fishing. No more taking up extra space in your garage. This product, made from 100% recycled material solves all these problems. So go ahead, get dirty… but stay clean with The Stay Clean Boot Puller!







The Stay Clean Boot Puller is a proud sponsor of Birdmen on the Sportsman channel.